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Random Name Picker is a Free and easy tool to use that allows you to pick a random name from a list (winner) it supports up to unlimited name picking. You can use this platform for Team Selection, Decision-making, Raffle, or random price distribution.




😛Where to Use Name Picker😜

Selecting Prize Winner
If you are running non non-profit lottery or charity contest then you can feed the names of participants in the random name picker list and withdraw one or more winners in this way. Our tool ensures that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

Picking a Team
Another option is that when many players need to be randomly distributed across sports teams or any other game (board games, PC games, etc.) our random team generator is the best tool for this job if have two teams to distribute players among, then this tool will also do that. simply you have to pull all names in the list and spin the wheel 1st eleven names of players would get placed in 1 team remaining would be in the opponent team.

Selection of students in the classroom
If there is a quiz test in the class and the teacher have to give an equal chance to the student then he/she can put the name in the list of name picker and spin the wheel by which randomly selected student going to solve the quiz or solve the Answer of problem.

Decision Making
If you get confused while making a decision about (the selection of food, who is going pay the bill, etc.) then you have to put all the options on the board, Spin the Wheel, and let the wheel decide for you. It helps you in decision-making at that point where you can decide for yourself, and let the wheel decide for you.


Random Name Picker is very easy and simple to use. You can use this Wheel spinner anywhere at any time. This is also compatible with laptops and mobile devices.

The following are the step:

  1.   Select the color category which you like to use
  2.   Add a name in the text section.
  3.   Click the “Spin” button to get a result.
  4.   After getting a result you can remove it from the wheel spinner
  5.   Click on the “clear” button if you want to remove the results

Continue the game if you want to.

Random Name Picker

😯 Features👍

Random Name Picker is a Random name wheel spinner that provides you with different features like:


The random name wheel helps users to change the color scheme of the wheel Spinner according to their Preferences.  There are categories of color, users can change them easily such as Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4.

Each category contains a different color scheme. You can easily change it by selecting the color categories type whatever you like.

Yes and No:

You can use this tool as a Yes and No wheel. We have provided the text column that helps you enter Yes and No. when you put yes and no in the column it automatically adds in the wheel spinner. Now you can use it as a Yes and No wheel.

Simply click on the Spin button and get your random result from the wheel spinner.

Remove Results:

The amazing feature of this Wheel is that you can remove the result if you don’t like it. When you start the game by clicking on the Spin button you will get Random Name, after the result pop-up on the screen show 2 options remove the result or don’t remove it.

Well, it’s up to you whether you remove the result or don’t remove the result. If you have decided to remove the result then click on the “REMOVE RESULT “button the obtained result will be removed from the wheel spinner.

Use as Game

You can use Random Name Picker as a game with your friends. This can be used as truth and dare, challenging games, toss games, etc. So you use this Wheel Spinner and enjoy it with your friends these amazing games.


You can also use this Wheel Spinner without any restriction. It can be used in this game online and offline.


Random Name Picker also provides you with an amazing sound feature. Sound or music starts when we click on the “Spin” button, the Spin wheel produces sound while spinning. Also, it obtains results it gives an amazing winning voice.

❤️ Name Picker Feature Table❤️

Feature Access
Free of Cost
Compatible for all Devices
Limited Customization
Easy to Use
Email Support

🦸🏼‍♀️ Benefits of Wheel of Names 🦸🏼

Random Name Picker offers the following benefits that are listed below

  • Enhanced Decision-Making Process
  • Reduced Decision Fatigue
  • Randomness
  • Save time
  • Increased productivity
  • Fun and Engaging


💖Pros and cons of Random Name Picker💗


  1. Enhanced Decision-Making Process
  2. User-Friendly and Time-Saving
  3. Flexibility and Customization
  4. Fun and Engaging
  5. Ensuring Fairness
  6. Transparency and Trust
  7. Excitement and Engagement


  1. Depending on chance
  2. Biased outcome
  3. Limited validity
  4. Lack of flexibility
  5. Lack of circumstances

❤️‍🔥The alternative of Pickers❤️‍🔥

  1. Wheel Spinner: a platform that allows you to create and spin your custom wheels which multiple options and feature
  2. Yes or No Wheel: A platform is used for decision-making in yes or no, it allows you to create and spin your custom wheel with multiple options.
  3. Decide Now: A platform that allows you to spin the wheel with amazing options that help you to make decisions.
  4. Dice of Fate: A platform that allows you to give an answer in Yes or No by rolling the two dice.

🌟Use That Wheel as Yes or No Wheel💦

You can use this wheel for Yes or Not games we have provided the feature to add Yes or Not in the box instead of Random Name Picker. It is very simple and easy to do that.

By following the steps, you can use it for Yes or No wheel.

  •         Go to the text section
  •         Remove the name from the Text Section
  •         Add yes and no in the text section and it automatically appears in the wheel
  •         Click on the “Spin” button and get the result.
  •         You can also remove the result or you can share it with someone else

That’s the way you can use it as a Yes or Not wheel, so don’t waste your time try this for the amazing result

🍉How to Share☘️

Well we have provided so many options on this page to share this Wheel to different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can also share Random Name Picker by copy the link and send on whatever platform you like to share it with friends.

Simply click on the share button which is provided. On the platform, there is Social media icon to share this with your love one.

A random name picker is a tool or software designed to select names or items from a list in a random and unbiased manner. It is commonly used in various scenarios like choosing contest winners, assigning tasks, or generating random teams.

A random name picker uses algorithms or programming logic to generate random numbers or sequences, which are then matched to the names on the list. These algorithms ensure that each name has an equal chance of being selected, making the process fair and unbiased.

Using a random name picker is typically straightforward. You need to input or upload the list of names you want to choose from and then click a button to initiate the random selection process. Once the name is picked, it will be displayed or announced as the winner or chosen item.

Absolutely! A random name picker is an excellent tool for conducting fair contests, giveaways, and raffles. It ensures that all participants have an equal chance of winning, eliminating any favoritism or bias.

Yes, when properly designed, a random name picker ensures complete randomness in the selection process. However, it is essential to use a reliable and well-tested randomization algorithm to maintain fairness and avoid any unintended patterns.

Certainly! Random name pickers are commonly used in classrooms for activities like choosing students to answer questions, forming study groups, or assigning presentations. It adds an element of unpredictability and engagement to the learning process.

Besides basic random name selection, some random name picker tools may offer additional features, such as customizable options (excluding certain names, limiting selections), multiple lists, and the ability to save or export results.

The safety of your data depends on the platform or website you use. Ensure you choose reputable and secure sources for using an online random name picker. Read their privacy policy and terms of use to understand how your data is handled.

Absolutely! Random name pickers are versatile and can be used for various business purposes, such as assigning tasks to employees, creating teams, or picking a representative for a meeting

Yes, there are various types of random name pickers available, ranging from simple online tools to more sophisticated software with advanced features. Some may be free, while others may require a subscription or one-time purchase.

Remember to choose a random name picker that best fits your needs and offers a user-friendly experience. Always check for reviews and recommendations before using any new tool.

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